At Weeplow we work to change water consumption habits

At a time when the consumption of bottled water is in vogue despite a disastrous climatic context. Weeplow has set itself the objective of providing pure and authentic water while respecting the planet by changing consumption habits.

We are the first French-founded brand to introduce gravity filters to customers around the world. This is one of the rare methods allowing both the reduction of plastic pollution and the achievement of energy savings while benefiting from high quality filtered water.

The rigor of a job well done, the desire to respond to the needs of man and the Earth, and the desire to see people smile, this is how we see our line of conduct.

480 Billion Plastic Bottles Sold Every Year Worldwide

You should know that as you read these lines, millions of plastic bottles are put on the market every minute. Of these, only 9% on average will be recycled and 12% will be incinerated. For the rest, they will end up accumulating in landfills or in nature, particularly at sea, causing significant damage to marine animals, fish and even birds. According to some forecasts, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish by 2050... At Weeplow we are committed to putting an end to this scourge. How ? By offering simple, effective and accessible filtration solutions for households. Indeed, our filtration systems are easy to use and do not require the help of any additional tools, our purification elements filter impurities up to 99% and you can find our products online on Amazon or in person at our distributors .

But our mission does not stop there, we regularly publish articles to raise awareness among our customers and readers about the issues related to water in the coming decades and the dangers we face today. To learn more, you can check out our blog below.

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Innovation serving our planet

Through a slow and careful product development process, involving multiple development teams, we aim to create products that are built to last. We strive to constantly push our limits to rethink every aspect of our products. We design, develop and test our prototypes in our workshops in France until everything, from the appearance to the user experience, is of the highest quality.

Because yes, our primary mission is to inspire the world to commit to a more sustainable lifestyle and to do this, we pay particular attention to the design details of our products. This obsession with detail combined with our genuine enthusiasm for our products allows us to develop unique and iconic designs.

So not only do we improve the quality of your water, but we also add an aesthetic touch to your kitchens, campers and worktops. With refined design, thoughtful engineering and durable materials, we transform your daily routines into little moments of pleasure.

Welcome to Weeplow, for pure and authentic water in a better world.

Make a difference today

Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filters have a filtration fineness of around 0.02 microns. They effectively reduce a very large number of contaminants up to 99.999%. Laboratory analyzes have been carried out in particular on bacteria such as E.Coli, which our filters remove by 99.99%. By opting for a Weeplow filtration system, you are taking action to preserve your health.

Weeplow® gravity water filtration systems are the most economical on the market. The long lifespan of the O'Pure 2 purification elements (22,000 liters per pair) allows you to enjoy pure water for less than one euro cent per liter. In the medium/long term you therefore make a saving of €3,200 compared to bottled water.

Bottled water is expensive in terms of time and money , the quality of the water advertised is not always there and above all their environmental impact is catastrophic for our beautiful planet. By purchasing a Weeplow® filtration system you are saving the planet from 544kg of plastic , a good part of which would have ended up in nature or in our oceans…

Enjoy pure and authentic water