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Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filters have a filtration fineness of around 0.02 microns. They effectively reduce a very large number of contaminants up to 99.999%. Laboratory analyzes have been carried out in particular on bacteria such as E.Coli, which our filters remove by 99.99%. By opting for a Weeplow filtration system, you are taking action to preserve your health.

Weeplow® gravity water filtration systems are the most economical on the market. The long life of the O'Pure 2 purification elements (22,000 liters per pair) allows you to enjoy pure water for less than one euro cent per liter. In the medium/long term you therefore make a saving of €3,200 compared to bottled water.

Bottled water is expensive in terms of time and money , the quality of the water advertised is not always there and above all their environmental impact is catastrophic for our beautiful planet. By purchasing a Weeplow® filtration system you are saving the planet from 544kg of plastic , a good part of which would have ended up in nature or in our oceans…


Network water in France

Water is life. We all know the quote. However, in several French cities, city water is an exception to the rule. Long considered the best drink, town water in France is today increasingly distrusted by a growing number of people. Between scandals and revelations, many French people feel obliged to fall back on alternative solutions to meet their drinking water needs.

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Climate disruption: What are the consequences on access to drinking water?

It is difficult to make the direct connection. However, the reality is there. In the name of global warming , the Earth is experiencing more and more natural disasters . In many parts of the world, particularly in high-risk areas, the consequences are significant. Affording drinking water on a daily basis becomes a problem, a luxury.

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The benefits of good hydration

It is often said that “you have to eat to live, not live to eat”. We all know this quote. But here is one that is even more accurate: “You have to drink to live” . Thirst is more dangerous than hunger. Even though there are already tons of web pages on the importance of hydration, much has not been said. The organism hides very well-kept secrets about its close relationship with water.

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