Weeplow® Earth 8.5L

8.5 liter gravity filtration system

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This gravity water filtration system is designed from a AISI 304 food grade stainless steel . It is very effective for make any unreliable water source potable .

The system comes with two purification elements O'Pure 2 in activated carbon . These have a lifespan of up to 22,700 liters.

This allows you to obtain healthy, pure and authentic water at a lower cost from any water source, whether water from your tap or even water from your well.

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Weeplow® Earth 8.5L


Product Information

Product Details

ThisWeeplow® Earth gravity filtration systemis made from afood grade AISI 304 stainless steel. Everything is carefully polished foraesthetic mirror effect. In addition to its aesthetic side, the system is veryrobust, resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

It comes witha pair of Weeplow® O'Pure 2 purification elementscapable of filtering up to22,700 liters of waterbefore needing to be replaced. These elements combine high quality activated carbon and ion exchange resineliminating 99.99% of impurities contained in water. They can be used forpurify tap waterbut also and above all less reliable water sources such aswater from rain, rivers, streams, wells, lakes, etc.

Finally, this Earth filtration system is ideal for bothdomestic usethat foryour travels. In fact, it workswithout electricitythanks to gravitational force, which is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities such as parties, camping, hiking, guesthouses etc. At home and away,enjoy pure and authentic water!

Contents of the pack:

  • 2 AISI 304 stainless steel tanks with lid
  • 2 O'Pure 2 purification elements
  • 1 stainless steel faucet with water level indicator
  • 1 key for mounting the faucet
  • 2 plugs to fill unused passages in the upper tank
  • 1 non-slip support
  • 1 stainless steel support with 4 legs
Model Earth
Color Silver
Material AISI 304 stainless steel
Capacity 8.5 Liters
Power Type Non-Electric
Filtration flow (with 2 filters) 3.8 Liters per hour
System height (without support) 50 centimeters
System height (with support) 66 centimeters
System diameter 22 centimeters
Weight of the complete system 4.2 Kg
Certification and accreditation

The Earth filtration systemhas been tested by severalindependent laboratories. In particular, he wastested in real conditionsby an independent laboratoryin the USA. These analyzes have demonstrated that our O'Pure 2 filters have aalmost 99.99% reduction capacity on bacteria such as e-coli. Note that bacteria are among the most difficult elements to filter given their small size.

Water samples after filtrationWeeplow® O'Pure 2 purification elementswere also analyzed by the laboratoryAquatycia. The latter is one of the rare laboratories approved by the French Ministry of Health and it hasCOFRAC accreditation. Please note that the tests were carried out using rainwater that had stagnated for several days.

You can find below the analysis reports prepared by these laboratories.

USA analyzes Analysis France

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Weeplow® Earth filtration system? What is its use?

The Weeplow® Earth water filtration system comes with two O'Pure 2 filters. This home water purification system is the most efficient and cost-effective on the market. It uses gravity water filtration technique to effectively remove all unwanted elements contained in the water, such as pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, sand etc while preserving the good minerals , and all this without consuming electricity.

What is the list of unwanted elements eliminated by Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filters?

The following elements are eliminated by more than 99% by Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filters:

  • Coliforms
  • E-Coli
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Mercury
  • Chlorine
  • Bisphenol A
  • Chloramines
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Petroleum contaminants
  • Methylcyclohexane-methane
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
How do I prime my Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filters before first use?

Regarding priming the filters, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Place the small beige gasket provided on the filter thread to ensure that the water penetrates the filters and does not splash everywhere
  2. Then place the seal against the faucet
  3. Slowly open the tap so that cold water enters through the filter
  4. Hold the position for at least 2 minutes, you will then see the filter oozing water.

Once the filters are primed, install them into your system andcarry out 1 to 2 complete filtration cycles of 8L before consuming the water. Indeed, it sometimes happens that the water is cloudy during the first filtration cycles. This is generally due to residual dust stuck in the micropores of the filters. If necessary, you can also clean the tanks with hot water and soap before using them.

How long does a Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filter last? How often should our filters be replaced?

The Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filter is designed to purify approximately 11,000 liters of water before needing to be replaced. Two filters can thus purify around 22,000 liters of water. If you have a two-filter Weeplow® Earth system and you filter 10 liters of water per day, then the filters will last approximately 2,200 days, or just over 5 years. The exact lifespan depends on the quality of the water you are filtering. In this case, this calculation concerns normal tap water without too much limescale. If you filter water from an unknown source such as a pond or river, depending on the water quality, the lifespan of the filters may be halved.

How do I maintain the stainless steel tanks of my Weeplow® Earth system?

Regarding the maintenance of stainless steel chambers, we recommend cleaning the chambers with soap and hot water once a month. In areas with hard water (rich in lime), we suggest using pure vinegar or a 50-50% mixture of vinegar and water to spray and leave to act for approximately 15 minutes. Finally, wipe everything with a ScotchBrite pad or soft brush, then wash with soap and rinse. Carry out the cleaning tank by tank.

How to maintain Weeplow® O'Pure 2 filters?

For the filters, our recommendations are to wash them every 2 months in cold water (always) and rub them lightly using fine sandpaper or a toothbrush. Scrub a section of the filter until you see some black residue on the pads, then move on to the next section. Finally, reprime each filter, then reinstall it in your tank.

Why is my filtered water cloudy and tastes bad?

Sometimes the water may be cloudy the first time you use it. This is generally due to residual dust accumulated in the filters during their manufacturing and transportation. This is why we recommend carrying out at least 1 complete filtration cycle before starting to consume the water. You can also clean the tanks with hot water and soap before attempting a new filtration cycle.
Poor priming of the filters can also be the cause of this cloudy water. Indeed, dust may initially be lodged in the filter. Please prime your filters several times if necessary.

Why and how to perform a food coloring test?

In some situations, you may not have complete confidence in your filters. Indeed, the filtration rate may seem too fast or the filtered water may have a slight taste at the outlet.
In order to isolate the problem as best as possible it is often useful to carry out a food coloring test.
To do this, add food coloring (without sugar and without thickening agents) to the upper reservoir of the Earth system. This will then take on a pink or red color. Do not hesitate to mix everything so that the dye spreads perfectly in the tank. The water coming out of the filter should be completely clear. The best way to see it is to put a little water in a glass. You will then be able to judge at a glance whether the filtration system is working optimally.

Some of the water in the upper tank of my Weeplow® Earth system is not flowing through the filters. Is this normal?

Yes, the fact that there is a little water remaining in the upper tank is normal and this generally concerns the last few centimeters of water (between 1 and 2.5 cm). Due to the structure of the filter, the water passes through very small micropores, before entering the lower reservoir. The lower the water level in the upper reservoir, the less pressure there is forcing water through these micropores. You may have noticed that the system purifies much faster when the tank is full than when it is half full. This is because the pressure on the water is greater.

I have been using my purification system for several months and the filtration speed has decreased considerably. Do I need to replace the items yet?

No, it is generally enough to clean your Weeplow® O'Pure 2 purification elements to bring them back to life. The slow flow rate is often explained by sediments and other previously filtered residues which clog the micropores of the purification elements. Simply remove the items from your system and scrub the exterior of each item with a stiff toothbrush or 3000-grit fine sandpaper.
Rub a section of the element until you see a little black on the pads, then move on to the next section. This simple process should only take a few minutes. Reboot each item, then reinstall it in your unit. Your flow should be restored.

How long can I keep water filtered by my Weeplow® Earth system?

We do not recommend storing water filtered with a Weeplow® product for more than 3 days. Indeed, if you keep your filtered water in a humid environment, bacteria can grow again and multiply more quickly.

Is the Weeplow® Earth filtration system guaranteed?

Yes, our Earth filtration system is guaranteed. The stainless steel chambers as well as the support and the tap with gauge are all guaranteed for 10 years. In the event of breakage, rust, leakage or malfunction, we undertake to replace or reimburse you for the item.

As for the carbon filters, they are guaranteed for 2 years.

If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email atcontact@weeplow.com.

Customer Reviews

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Ngoc-Hung L.

Produite fiable et facile d’utilisation. Je recommande vivement cet article

Christian P.
La Solution Parfaite pour Boire de l EAU

J étais sceptique au début, mais force est de constater que l eau a un super goût contrairement à l eau du robinet .,et j oserai même dire aux eaux en bouteille ...


Idéal pour renouer avec une eau de qualité au goût exceptionnel . Elle est également neutre de bactéries ainsi que de tout plastique résiduel et bien d'autres composants nocifs à long terme. Terminé la corvée des packs d'eau lourds et encombrants. Je recommande vivement ce filtre pour l'avoir déjà essayé plusieurs mois avant.

Pépère 3.

J’ai acheté le système Weeplow pour notre projet de vie au Maroc où l’eau est malheureusement souvent impropre à la consommation sans système de filtration. Produit très qualitatif Sav au top ça respire le sérieux.


Notre eau du robinet a franchement un mauvais goût, mélange et chlore et de terre. On a utilisé pendant des années une carafe filtrante mais les recharges sont chères et on était pas fan du plastique. Une collègue m’avait parlé de Weeplow et je ne regrette pas mon achat. J’ai profité d’une super promo et surtout la qualité est au rdv. L’eau est extra, rien à voir avec ma carafe habituelle et c’est le jour et la nuit par rapport à l’eau du robinet. Sur le long terme Weeplow sera bien moins cher que ma carafe plastique d’ailleurs avec ses filtres hors de prix qui duraient seulement un mois.

Barbara T.

Très bien pensé, bravo au créateur. Les détails mais si importants comme le pied, les protections, l’indicateur, le style, les explications simplifiées sans casse-tête donc très facile à mettre en place. Je suis tellement contente que je pense acheter et les filtres pour métaux lourds. Sans oublier l’emballage pour le transport. Et un grand merci aux transporteurs. Vraiment enchantée de mon achat. Retenez que j’ai lu durant quelques jours les descriptions de toutes marques sur Amazon ça m’a pris deux semaines pour faire le tri voir aussi les commentaires des acheteurs. Et malgré que mes amis me conseilleraient une autre marque et bien weeplow m’a gagné.


Utilisée pour remplacer les corvées des packs d'eau. Eau du robinet a le goût de javel ou tout autre produit. Je suis satisfaite de mon achat, eau filtrée délicieuse, douce au palais, je recommande ce produit les yeux fermés.

Jean L.

Appareil en inox de qualité supérieure. La finition est parfaite. Le montage de l'appareil est facile. La filtration de l'eau est rapide. Tout a été pensé dans les moindres détails. Il est rassurant de savoir que les métaux lourds sont éliminés. J'habite un quartier où certaines canalisations sont très anciennes. Ce qui a motivé mon achat ainsi que le goût et l'odeur d'eau de javel de l'eau du réseau communal. Depuis l'utilisation de la fontaine filtrante l'eau n'a aucun goût et très agréable à boire. Je suis très satisfait de cet appareil. Du haut de gamme à un prix raisonnable.


J'ai acheté mon Weeplow Earth 8,5 litres le 21/08/2023 (donc il y a 4 semaines). La livraison a été très rapide et il est arrivé en parfait état. Le montage de l'ensemble se fait rapidement sans piège particulier. le seul élément qui est un peu délicat à monter c'est le robinet avec son niveau intégrée (les joints souples et les rondelles métallique sont coniques). L'activation des filtres sous le robinet avec la bague percée fournie est facile et prend environ 2 mn par filtre mais il ne faut pas chercher à trop appuyer sur la bague car sinon on se fait un peu arroser (on comprend vite ce qu'il se passe dès le début et après tout ce n'est que de l'eau...). J'ai installé mon Weeplow directement sur le plan de travail cuisine sans le support qui permet de le rehausser et cela se passe très bien pour l'instant (je ne remplis que des petites carafes d'eau ou des verres). J'ai respecté les instructions en faisant une première purification avec de l'eau du robinet : à ce stade elle est déjà sortie claire et sans goût ni odeur. Après à l'usage quotidien, nous purifions 4 litres d'eau pour notre consommation quotidienne (il faut environ 1 heure pour la purification). J'ai fait mon premier entretien des 2 cuves hier et là aussi il n'y a aucune difficulté pour leur nettoyage. Ce que j'ai apprécié : Le rapport qualité / prix presque imbattable. La réactivité de l'équipe Support que j'ai sollicitée avant mon achat. L'esthétique et l'encombrement qui reste compact. La simplicité et la longévité des filtres. Nous sommes vraiment satisfait d'avoir choisi ce système de filtration de l'eau Weeplow.