Weeplow® O'Pure 1D – 3 Filters

Water filters for DeLonghi® coffee machines and a 300ML descaler

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Compatible with a wide range of Delonghi coffee machines (see list in description below). This filter effectively removes all harmful substances contained in water and which can alter the taste and quality of coffee, such as limescale, chlorine, sediment, etc.

It comes with a descaler specially designed for
coffee machines

SET of 3 Filters and 1 Descaler 300ML


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Weeplow® O'Pure 1D – 3 Filters


Product Information

Product Details

OURO'Pure 1D water filterhelps to improvethe performance and lifespan of your Delonghi® coffee machine. It keeps the water injection system of your coffee machine cleanby filtering limescale, thus avoidingtartar deposits.
Our filters aremade from high quality vegetable charcoalobtained from the finest coconut shells. They also containion exchange resinto neutralize the taste of your coffee.
For best results, it is recommended tochange the filter regularly, every 2 to 3 months.

Finally,our filters are BPA free,they therefore preserve your health and that of your machine. They are composed of purely organic materials,without chemical additives. In addition, each filter is delivered coveredfrom an airtight bag.

Contents of the box:

3 O'Pure 1D water filters

1 Descaler 300ML

Initialization and installation

Before first use, it is necessary to initialize the filter. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the date display disc to the current month
  2. To activate the filter, completely soak the bottom of the filter under running tap water for over a minute.
  3. Remove the reservoir from the machine and fill it with water. Completely immerse the filter in the water tank for about fifteen seconds, shaking it lightly to release any air bubbles. If necessary, gently press the filter to expel air.
  4. Insert the filter into its slot and push it all the way in to make sure it is snug.

For more details, you can watch the video below:


The O'Pure 1D filter is perfectly compatible with a wide range of De'Longhi® coffee machines

ECAM Series:

  • Magnificia / S / Start / Cappuccino S
  • Dynamica
  • PrimaDonna / S / Deluxe / Vintage / Elite / Experience
  • Eletta Cappucino / More / Top
  • Cappuccino System

ESAM Series:

  • PrimaDonna Avant / Exclusive

ETAM series:

  • PrimaDonna / XS,Deluxe
  • Autentica Cappuccino

EC & BCO Series:

  • EC680, EC800, EC820, EC850, EC860
  • BCO400, BCO410, BCO420
Model O'
Pure 1D Pure 1D
White colour White colour
Material Activated carbon
Shelf life 2 to 3 months
Filter Height 15.8 centimeters
Filter Diameter 3.9 centimeters
Filter Weight 96 Grams
Certification and accreditation

Weeplow ® O'Pure 1D filters are highly certified by independent associations:

The O'Pure 1D filter is certified by theWater Quality Association (WQA)which represents the highest certification recognition in the field of water treatment and which guarantees completely pure and safe water.

TUV SOUTHcertifies that this product is free from any contaminants and complies with international regulations regarding the safety and quality of the components used.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have just installed my filter, but the machine makes a strange noise and cannot pump the water, what should I do?

If so, make sure you have followed the steps to correctly enable the filter. This usually happens when there is still air in the filter, which means you need to submerge it in water again and make sure to properly purge the air from the filter.

How soon should I change my filter?

It is recommended to replace your filter every 2 to 3 months. This duration varies slightly depending on your usage.

Is this filter compatible with other coffee machines than those from Delonghi?

No, these filters are designed for use with Delonghi models only. Please see the “Compatibility” section for a complete list of compatible machines.

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